Saturday, November 7, 2009


Well I haven't been good about blogging... So much has happened since the first day of school.

Brittany is a cheerleader for her school. She made Varsity. So we have a lot of cheer things going on. Between Friday night football games and cheer competitions we are busy!
Brittany and Austin at a cheer competition

Then we had a Babyshower for my Grandaughter to be. It was held at Brittany S's dads house. It was a picnic and we had a really nice time.
Picture of Mommy to be Brittany S

Daddy to be-My Son Cj

I did recently go on a Scrapbook weekend away. I met my goal of 100 pages for the year by doing 123 this year! WOO HOO... Couple of my favorite pages that I did at this crop

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