Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

What a wonderful Christmas I had this year.... I enjoy my teenagers so much. Yes its nice to see the excitement of my little nieces but the calmness of my older kids is great.

This is a family picture taken at my Mils
Me, Jose (Daughters boyfriend)
Cecil, CJ and Brittany

I love this picture of the "cousins" Courtney, Lauren and Brittany

My Son CJ

My best present in the whole wide world!

Jose and Brittany

Check Spelling

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Two Funny Pictures

For years I have always told my sister that she should be CJ's mother. He acts so much like her. He has her sense of humor... So I posted this picture on My Space and she saw it.

Then she sent me this Text...YOU HAVE MY SON!

Doesn't that just crack you up... They are so silly!

Daughter's New Boyfriend

My daughter and her new boyfriend Jose

Well its been a long month around here.. Before Thanksgiving my daughter broke up with her long term boyfriend Sam...they were together for 17 months.. While I hate when she breaks up with someone because they felt like my son when they are with me all the time.. There were a TON of issues in that relationship.

So she has recently started dating Jose.. He is a nice guy...and I have gotten over losing my "son"
You know I know a lot of people don't believe in dating..but THANK GOD she did date the first one and didn't go into marriage or something like that with him.. I mean it got really bad... So how do you know when someone is the right one?...How long do you date someone...before they show there true colors..
I mean 17 months you would think you would really know someone in the first few months. I tell Brittany everyone you date is a potential mate for the future even though she isn't old enough for that...
I didn't date but two guys in highschool and one of them is my husband....

Friday, December 19, 2008

Cj's 19th Birthday!

Well here it is...Cj's 19th birthday! I like to think I am not that old. We had to get the shirt in the first picture because he is always walking around saying that. He LOVES chocolate covered cherries. He got a few more things but I am not going to post all the boring

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dance Recital

Well we survived Recital weekend! I am exhausted! And I didn't even Pictures below are of Brittany and One with me and one with Cecil. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I won $100!

How exciting today has been! I went to this shopping center to look around for Christmas ideas... Well our local radio station had a drawing give away... You could win cash cards to Target, Best Buy, Dick's Sporting Goods, Kohl's or Jc Penney... So I wasn't going to do it but my sil was already in line and Brittany went to join her. She later called me to come get in line with her cause you had to be 18. So I did...and it was our turn and we WON $100.... Originally I had won a Kohl's card but they had met their quota on that one so I had to draw again for one of the other stores.. and I won Dick's Sporting Goods...

Lets just say that it was a HUGE Blessing in our lives :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree

So my friend Liz decided to post her Christmas Tree and some special ornaments and I thought I would do the same. My tree is so loaded with memories of different things during our life. I would love to have two trees one of memories and one that was real pretty.

This is my Christmas Tree

And my Entertainment Center where the stockings are hung with

A special ornament my dad gave my husband. At that time he had a long beard

Cj's first deer

I LOVE Snowman and this is one of my favorites

Of course we have to have crafty school pictures I think this was second grade for Brittany

CJ's First Christmas-Hard to believe he is going to be 19 this year

Preschool ornament of Cj he was 5

Family Ornament

Brittany's First Christmas. Its not as tarnished as it looks

This is one of my favorites of Brittany. This was done in preschool She is 3

A dance ornament of Brittany because we all know she loves her dance. This actually represents the year she started Show Biz

Mine and Cecil's First Christmas together.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Week already?

Where oh where does the time go so fast? Its been a week since I posted. It is 12:26am on Saturday morning I made the mistake of falling asleep at 8pm on Friday and then getting up at 11. Ugh I am so tired of not being able to sleep right. I have been getting up at 3:30 am for weeks. Its starting to get old.

So today Brittany treated me to Four Christmas's movie with Reese Whitherspoon. It was funny. I laughed through almost the whole thing. It does have a few sexual comments in it though that I could have done with out. Brittany and her friends wanted to see Bolt.

I began the process of putting up my Christmas tree its been very difficult. One is my attitude and two is my back pain.

So Thanksgiving was nice this week....Loud at my mil's but my Dallas Cowboys won :) Sometimes I miss not having the two families to eat at but then again I eat so much at one I can't imagine doing it at two.

Brittany only had school 2 days this week and its been nice having her home. I miss her. But we are starting to get a teenage attitude and I am not very happy about it. We have always been so close and lately we are just butting heads :(

Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's happening

What's happening in Sandy's World.. NOTHING.. I have spent the week hanging at the house. Applied for a few jobs.

Oh yes both of my kids broke up with their Girlfriend/Boyfriend on Monday...yes both on the same day. So I have some sad kids. Of course I fixed Chocolate for Brittany that seemed to help.

Just about done reading my Karen Kingsbury...Sunset.. The last of that Series.. Sniff I am sure going to miss this series but I hear there is more coming. WOO HOO

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Nothing going on

This week has been a long and boring kind of week. Last Saturday, Sunday and Monday Brittany was sick. Cecil was sick on Monday also. Tuesday everyone went back to work or school. I was so happy to have the house to myself. Well that didn't last long cause its been raining since Thursday. Which meant that CJ was

So Brittany is still not feeling the best and I have an appointment schedule next week with the pediatrician. We are doing a fasting appointment cause I feel she has blood sugar problems.

I go to the orthopedic on Monday for my wrist.

Oh I did do something important this week...I got caught up on the business paperwork for our taxes. That is a true Miracle. I let it pile up in a bag and then complain cause it takes me all day to get it

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Healing Child

Brittany is on the Mend.. Thank you Lord.. She was really sick yesterday. I had never seen her that sick before.. She is still very lightheaded and just feeling blah.. She has been laying on the couch all day...watching tv and every now and then working on some homework. She wants to try to go to school tomorrow. Took her back to the doctor today and her white blood count did go down so that is a GREAT thing!

I tell her all the time she can stay home and she never wants to.

I did get to go to my High School Reunion...I went for a couple of hours and Cecil stayed here with Brittany. She was too sick to just leave with her brother.

I WON a door prize..that was a miracle. $25 to a Spa.. Wonder how much I gotta add to it. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very Sick Child

What a day its been.. Brittany woke up at 6:30 throwing up this morning and she has been doing it all day long.. It got so bad there was blood in it. So my husband and I took her to Urgent Care and spent 4 hours there while they gave her medicine to help with the nausea and then 2 bags of fluids cause she is so dehydrated. They had a hard time finding her veins. Well because she is so out of it she has had bathroom accidents 3 times today...

They aren't sure what is wrong with her. Her white blood cell count was sky high so they put her on some more medicine.

Did I mention tonight is my High School Reunion and I don't think I am going to be able to go :(

I was in tears today watching her get sick and thinking.. This is probably just a virus and it will be gone in a day or two... While a couple of kids that I follow on Caring Bridge Suffer like this all the time. One little girl Brittany died a couple days ago and another little Girl Sarah is on death's door :(

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Happy Days!

Well this might sound crazy.. But its a Happy day! My husband got his CDL and I do not have to go to work with him anymore...

About a month ago my husband got pulled in the Bucket Truck and almost got a ticket for not having a CDL.. It would have been $10,000 if the lady had given it to us... You might be wondering why he was driving without one.. Well he thought he had it.. About 10 or 11 years Cecil got a DUI...and he lost his license for a year... he had a restrictive one..well when he got his regular drivers license back he thought he had his CDL... Well he didn't...

So after he got pulled he went through the process and had a learner's permit.. And because I use to drive the school bus he could drive and I ride with him.

So every morning its been hard.. I ride with him to the job.. Cj brings me home...Cj comes back and gets me and I ride home with hubby in the truck.. And sometimes during the day I have to go out where he is working so he can dump it.. Its been a LONG month...

But he passed and now I don't have to do it anymore.. WOOO HOOOOO

Now maybe God will send that Job Interview my way since he knows I am available to work :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Presidental Election 2008

I woke up at 12:30 this morning and turned to the tv on to see that Obama is our President to be. I was disappointed. I had a hard time choosing who to vote for but made my decision.

Instead of complaining about things I will now just Pray.. Cause God does answer prayers that things will be taken care of.

My husband is a small business owner..We are suffereing bad because of the economy and now I pray it doesn't get worse.

I do not have Health Insurance...what is going to happen to me...

Join me in praying that God and Obama can turn this nation around so that we can continue to have good productive lives

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Homecoming Dance 2008

You know its so fun having a girl and having a girl that wants to get all decked out for a dance.. Of course having a girl cost me lots of

Here is a picture of Brittany all ready for the dance and a picture of her and her boyfriend Sam at the dance

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Homecoming Game

Last night was Brittany's Homecoming Game.. I kept forgetting it was actually Halloween cause we weren't out and about with the cousins trick or treating.
This is a picture of me and her freezing at the game!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Cute Panther

So its Spirit week at Brittany's school and today was Jungle Day. So Brittany was a Panther. Here is my cute little Panther (yes I know she is 16


Well I had my Mammogram and an Ultrasound today and I am okay :) See when I was a child I was burned on my chest and I have scar tissue on one side that is showing up in the pictures. But I will be fine. I go back in a year.

Please if you are due for a Mammo go have it done...Finding things early WILL save your life. Brittany's dance teacher had Breast Cancer last year and they found it in the beginning stages and she is doing great. And she isn't 40 where they recommend you start the Mammo's I have been going since I was 35....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Brittany's 16th Birthday!

Sandy and Brittany

Well we survived the Sweet 16th Birthday Party! My daughter Brittany had NO problem reminding me that she will be an adult in 2 years and gets her drivers license in 3 months.. Sniff this is so hard..where does the time go?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

We had a great time at Great Wolf Lodge this weekend. We wanted to do something fun for Brittany's Birthday Weekend.

This is Cj and his Girlfriend Brittany and My Brittany and her boyfriend Sam!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Tired and the Weekend is just starting

Well I survived the Job Interview.. It felt like a place that I could work...BUT...they need someone with Excel experience while I know how to use it I am not a pro at it..its been 8 years since I took a class.. Guess I need to get me an Excel for Dummies book and read up on it...again. This seemed like a job that I could learn and grow from. That being said.. I think the Excel part has a lot against me..and I will be shocked if I am offered the job... I am not going to stress about it but let God take care of it.

After Brittany gets home from school she and I are heading to Great Wolf Lodge and indoor water park to begin out Birthday weekend celebration. We will be home Saturday Night sometime. I am looking forward to this. Sam (Britt's boyfriend) will be coming after work. And Cj and his girlfriend Brittany are either going to come tonight or in the morning. Of course when we get home I will post some pictures!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Lot Going On

Boy I have a lot going on right now. I do have an appointment next Thursday the 30th for my Mammogram. I am a little nervous but I feel a since of calm too...

Tomorrow -Friday at 9:30 I have a job interview for a Receptionist position.. I am bit nervous about that too cause its a business with 9 Phone lines.. Not sure if all that is Incoming or not.... This is my first Interview after sending 24 Resumes/Applications.

And..... I am cleaning... Brittany's 16th Birthday Party is on Sunday. So today I am doing all my house cleaning. Friday Morning I have that Job interview and want to do my grocery shopping and then Friday Night and Saturday we are heading to Great Wolf Lodge to enjoy the Indoor Water Park. We have never been there and wanted to do something special for Brittany's Birthday Weekend.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

So on Friday when I had my female check up the doctor said.. Do you need Birth Control? OH NO.. I don't take any... and she gave me that look like WHAT! I had to think a minute and said...Oh no don't worry my hubby is

Yesterday I went to a baby shower.. I tell you sometimes I wish I could have another baby just so I can play with all the new things they have out there..

I LOVE the thing that you put in the grocery cart that covers the handles and the whole seat..I remember working so hard to keep my kids for chewing on that nasty cart...

Another thing I have seen that I love is that wedge thing that holds your baby on its side..Back when I had kids we had to brace them with rolled up

I LOVE LOVE to shop for clothes too...Now I can afford the clothes.. Back when I had kids I barely could afford to dress my kids.. But man you can get some cute stuff for Good prices..

But instead of having a baby.. I will wait to spoil my grandkids to be one day... :)

Friday, October 17, 2008


Well I made it through the doctors visit.. But now I am even MORE nervous. They found a Nodule on my right breast. I have never had them find a Nodule before so now I am scheduled for a Mammogram. I could sure use some extra prayers cause I am really nervous about this. Even though I am trying not to be. One thing that this could be is that its almost time for my monthly.. So that is what I am praying!

Doctor's Appointment

Well today is the day that I dread. Its time for a Doctors appointment. My Female Checkup is past due. And you ask how past due? Well just 4 years. And before you start yelling at me. Remember that I am one of those BILLION that does NOT have Health Insurance. And I can't get it either. I was denied. The reason I can be denied is because my husband has a Self Insured Policy.

But thanks to God....He provided a way for me to go to our local clinic and just pay $10! Praise the Lord!

I am so nervous though. You would think after having 2 kids this wouldn't bother me at all but it does.

Cj is healing very nicely from his strep throat. Brittany is fighting a MAJOR cold :(

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Little Vent

So yesterday while I was at Farm Fresh getting Cj's medicine I needed to get my Prisolec.. So I asked them how much their 42 count box was.. Thinking they were a couple dollars more then Walmart but it was easier to just get them there.. They were $37 I told the lady NO THANK YOU! I would go to Walmart tomorrow. They cost $23 to $24 at Walmart... How can one place charge $13 more then another! I was a little bit mad! GRRR

Never a Dull Moment....

Yesterday both of my kids woke up with sore being a mom..I gave them both Sudafed and sent them off on there day..

Well about 1:30 Brittany text me.. Mom I really don't feel well (female problem) can you come get me.. I said of course... Wouldn't be a problem if my almost 16 year old child could take a Tylenol...So I get her at 2...she only missed 20 minutes of school... As I am getting ready to leave her school. Cj calls.. Mom can you bring me some more medicine to work?.. My throat is killing me... So being the good mom that I am.. I went to the job site and took him some medicine and looked in his throat.. Mind you I looked in it that morning and thought he looked okay looked in the afternoon and he was covered in white patches.. I said UGH CJ I think you have Strep Throat.. Then Cecil starts freaking out cause the DUMMY drank after him!...

So about 7 last night I took CJ to Med Express and sure enough he has Strep.. We moms alway know what is wrong with our kids..

I did learn a lesson yesterday I know the best time for getting a prescription filled at the drug store.. GO 30 minutes before they close.. Boy are they

Monday, October 13, 2008


I think I need therapy. Brittany's Birthday party is on October 26th. Today is the 13th and I am already starting to CLEAN for the party! Am I crazy or what. My husband of course likes it when we have people over cause things get done that I never do. I have cleaned my hutch, my dining room table, my desk and my scrapbook table all ready this morning. I stuck a Praise CD in and sang away and cleaned and told myself I could stop when the CD was done!

Normally I wait and then the days before the party I have worked so hard that I am exhausted!

Friday, October 10, 2008

First I want to start by sharing this picture from yesterday. It was too cute. My dog Sparky was laying with my Son asleep. My dog things he is human!

Well let me start by saying this is my first blog. I am surprised I haven't blogged before. I love reading everyone else's blogs. My Name is Sandy and I am from Virginia. I am a 39 year SAHM. My two children CJ (18) and Brittany(15) keep me very busy. I like to read, play on the computer and scrapbook. Oh my gosh I forgot that I am married too to Cecil we have been together for 20 years. I met him when I was 11 years old and he was 13 years old. I liked him every since then.