Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Daughter's New Boyfriend

My daughter and her new boyfriend Jose

Well its been a long month around here.. Before Thanksgiving my daughter broke up with her long term boyfriend Sam...they were together for 17 months.. While I hate when she breaks up with someone because they felt like my son when they are with me all the time.. There were a TON of issues in that relationship.

So she has recently started dating Jose.. He is a nice guy...and I have gotten over losing my "son" Sam...lol
You know I know a lot of people don't believe in dating..but THANK GOD she did date the first one and didn't go into marriage or something like that with him.. I mean it got really bad... So how do you know when someone is the right one?...How long do you date someone...before they show there true colors..
I mean 17 months you would think you would really know someone in the first few months. I tell Brittany everyone you date is a potential mate for the future even though she isn't old enough for that...
I didn't date but two guys in highschool and one of them is my husband....

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