Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Tree

So my friend Liz decided to post her Christmas Tree and some special ornaments and I thought I would do the same. My tree is so loaded with memories of different things during our life. I would love to have two trees one of memories and one that was real pretty.

This is my Christmas Tree

And my Entertainment Center where the stockings are hung with

A special ornament my dad gave my husband. At that time he had a long beard

Cj's first deer

I LOVE Snowman and this is one of my favorites

Of course we have to have crafty school pictures I think this was second grade for Brittany

CJ's First Christmas-Hard to believe he is going to be 19 this year

Preschool ornament of Cj he was 5

Family Ornament

Brittany's First Christmas. Its not as tarnished as it looks

This is one of my favorites of Brittany. This was done in preschool She is 3

A dance ornament of Brittany because we all know she loves her dance. This actually represents the year she started Show Biz

Mine and Cecil's First Christmas together.


Liz said...

Good job, Sandy! I'm glad my brass ornaments aren't the only ones that look tarnished in pictures. :)

SandyL said...

lol...but then again that ornament is 16 years old...

Kelley said...

Sweet ornaments and memories! I too would like to have a "family" tree and than a fancy, elegant tree. My house is barely big enough for one tree, though! LOL