Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Week already?

Where oh where does the time go so fast? Its been a week since I posted. It is 12:26am on Saturday morning I made the mistake of falling asleep at 8pm on Friday and then getting up at 11. Ugh I am so tired of not being able to sleep right. I have been getting up at 3:30 am for weeks. Its starting to get old.

So today Brittany treated me to Four Christmas's movie with Reese Whitherspoon. It was funny. I laughed through almost the whole thing. It does have a few sexual comments in it though that I could have done with out. Brittany and her friends wanted to see Bolt.

I began the process of putting up my Christmas tree its been very difficult. One is my attitude and two is my back pain.

So Thanksgiving was nice this week....Loud at my mil's but my Dallas Cowboys won :) Sometimes I miss not having the two families to eat at but then again I eat so much at one I can't imagine doing it at two.

Brittany only had school 2 days this week and its been nice having her home. I miss her. But we are starting to get a teenage attitude and I am not very happy about it. We have always been so close and lately we are just butting heads :(

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Liz said...

I'll be praying for Miss Brittany's teen attitude problem. I guess they really all do it, no matter how good of a mama we are. (And we ARE awesome moms!!! grin) Love ya girl.