Friday, October 24, 2008

Tired and the Weekend is just starting

Well I survived the Job Interview.. It felt like a place that I could work...BUT...they need someone with Excel experience while I know how to use it I am not a pro at it..its been 8 years since I took a class.. Guess I need to get me an Excel for Dummies book and read up on it...again. This seemed like a job that I could learn and grow from. That being said.. I think the Excel part has a lot against me..and I will be shocked if I am offered the job... I am not going to stress about it but let God take care of it.

After Brittany gets home from school she and I are heading to Great Wolf Lodge and indoor water park to begin out Birthday weekend celebration. We will be home Saturday Night sometime. I am looking forward to this. Sam (Britt's boyfriend) will be coming after work. And Cj and his girlfriend Brittany are either going to come tonight or in the morning. Of course when we get home I will post some pictures!

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