Sunday, November 9, 2008

Healing Child

Brittany is on the Mend.. Thank you Lord.. She was really sick yesterday. I had never seen her that sick before.. She is still very lightheaded and just feeling blah.. She has been laying on the couch all day...watching tv and every now and then working on some homework. She wants to try to go to school tomorrow. Took her back to the doctor today and her white blood count did go down so that is a GREAT thing!

I tell her all the time she can stay home and she never wants to.

I did get to go to my High School Reunion...I went for a couple of hours and Cecil stayed here with Brittany. She was too sick to just leave with her brother.

I WON a door prize..that was a miracle. $25 to a Spa.. Wonder how much I gotta add to it. :)


Liz said...

Hey, you really NEED that spa time after all the sickness you dealt with yesterday!

SandyL said...

oh my goodness I sure do! But bad part is...The gift card isn't enough money so I have to add to