Saturday, November 22, 2008

What's happening

What's happening in Sandy's World.. NOTHING.. I have spent the week hanging at the house. Applied for a few jobs.

Oh yes both of my kids broke up with their Girlfriend/Boyfriend on Monday...yes both on the same day. So I have some sad kids. Of course I fixed Chocolate for Brittany that seemed to help.

Just about done reading my Karen Kingsbury...Sunset.. The last of that Series.. Sniff I am sure going to miss this series but I hear there is more coming. WOO HOO


Liz said...

Ya know, I found myself dragging out the last couple of chapters of Sunset for the same reason. It seemed like she was "wrapping up" all the news of the book there at the end, showing where a situation had come from & how it was ending, all neat & tidy. I'm anxious to read the books about Bailey & see glimpses of the Baxters in the background.

SandyL said...

Well I finished it and I am THRILLED that Ashley had a surprise baby girl and I thought it was cute that both babies were born at the same time.. I am going to miss the Baxters :)